Technical Recruiting
The Importance of Your Company Pitch

By Natasha Katoni

A recruiting pitch is the cornerstone of your talent marketing strategy. It’s the key message that you are sending your candidates in a competitive environment. The key to an effective pitch is differentiation. There must be an authentic edge in your product, your company, and your team that makes your pitch attractive so candidates will pick you over other options.

In the latest episode of the Technical Recruiting Playbooks, Natasha Katoni talks about the ways to build a unique and persuasive recruiting pitch. In the podcast, she suggests that companies should tailor their recruiting pitches to specific candidate personas and the motivators that are driving their decision-making. The recruiting pitch should reflect the pitch founders give investors – ultimately candidates are investing their most precious resource (themselves) into your company, so building tools to showcase the value of the opportunity is key to winning/ closing top talent

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Episode notes

In the podcast, Natasha provides a list of questions companies should answer in their recruiting pitch to make it more persuasive. Some examples include – what the candidate brings as a unique skillset, real-world applications of your product, team member testimonials, and more.

Topics for Discussion

  • What is a recruiting pitch? (0:41)
  • How to write a compelling recruiting pitch (1:35)
  • Questions you should answer in your pitch (3:04)
  • Recruiting pitch as a mini-investment pitch (5:44)
  • Assessing whether your pitch is working or not (9:45)