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Growth from Within: Lenny Pruss to General Partner and Sarah Catanzaro to Partner

By Sunil Dhaliwal and Mike Dauber

Today we are proud to share two milestones in the growth of Amplify Partners. The promotions of Lenny Pruss to General Partner and Sarah Catanzaro to Partner.

If you've spent time around Amplify folks, you may have noticed that we tend to describe certain people as Difference Makers. The term has become our shorthand for talented, capable people who have the potential to change the trajectory of a company.

We love adding Difference Makers to our portfolio companies. It's even more thrilling to convince Difference Makers to join our team. But above all else, it's far more thrilling to see them deliver and then recognize them for their exceptional work.

Lenny Pruss and Sarah Catanzaro are Difference Makers.

They are uniquely talented at understanding what’s coming next in enterprise technology and have proven themselves to be among the best partners for technical founders. They are among the most connected and knowledgeable early-stage investors in their domains, and most importantly, they personify Amplify’s core values of integrity, focus, and being relationship-driven.

We are proud to recognize their accomplishments and proud to call them our partners.


Lenny Pruss has an incredible track record as an investor and a well-earned reputation as a trusted advisor for some of the most important companies in our industry.

In hindsight, convincing Lenny to join Amplify three years ago has been a firm-defining decision. He has an incredible talent for discovering great technologists - often before they even know they want to be founders!

Lenny has exceptional intuition about the future of software development and cloud infrastructure. He’s also a prolific and passionate investor who has sourced or led fourteen investments during his tenure at Amplify. Earlier in his venture career, Lenny’s was responsible for investments in companies like Datadog, Hashicorp, and LightStep well before they were the category-defining businesses they are today.


In our time in this industry, we have yet to meet someone as well-suited for venture capital as Sarah Catanzaro.

She is intelligent, empathetic, competitive, and personifies hustle. She has an uncanny ability to formulate a narrative about how the future might unfold and identify the engineers and researchers most likely to make that future a reality. As an operator who has led both data and product teams, her technical acumen and product sense keep the bar extremely high for the rest of us.

Sarah is obsessed with how data will transform the world around us. She has sourced six investments during her time at Amplify - all of which are early-stage projects driven by data science, data management or machine learning. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

There’s no denying Amplify’s good fortune to have met Lenny and Sarah before they were the obvious stars they are today. But we suppose that’s not unexpected given Amplify’s goal of betting on outstanding entrepreneurs before their vision is evident to the rest of the world. We are proud of Lenny and Sarah, optimistic about the future of Amplify, and excited for the founders who will be fortunate to call them their partners.

Please join us in congratulating Lenny and Sarah and be sure to follow them on Twitter @sarahcat21 and @lennypruss.