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Amplify Promotions: Sarah, Renee, and Natasha

Mike Dauber, Sunil Dhaliwal, and Lenny Pruss

There is no better way to ring in the New Year than to recognize outstanding talent. Today, Amplify Partners is proud to celebrate the promotion of Sarah Catanzaro to General Partner, Renee Shah to Partner, and Natasha Katoni to Operating Partner. For those of you who have worked with them, this news won’t be the least bit surprising. All three are pillars of our organization, and all three have done an exceptional job making Amplify the very best partner for technical founders building technical products.

Sarah joined Amplify in September of 2017. In the past four years, she has established herself as the partner of choice for entrepreneurs in data science and ML infrastructure. Few investors are as respected for their technical acumen as Sarah, and her Projects to Know newsletter has become required reading in both the commercial and academic communities. Her talent for discovering the “next big thing” is obvious when looking at our investments in InterVenn, Runway ML, Einblick, OctoML, Maze, Hex, Meroxa, Metaphor Data, Datafold, and four yet-to-be-announced companies. Beyond her investment success, Sarah has become a leader within Amplify and a powerful advocate for our founders.

Since joining Amplify in May of 2019, Renee has become a presence in the distributed systems, developer tools, edge computing, and security communities. She was a driving force behind our investments in Serenade, Buf, Sym, Suborbital, Chainguard, and three other companies that are still in stealth. Renee built relationships with five of those companies (FIVE!!) last year during a pandemic that prevented her from meeting founders in person! Her persistence and hustle is the reason she is on speed dial for so many of our founders when a tough problem is at hand.

Natasha came to Amplify in December of 2019 to lead our Talent function. There isn’t a company within Amplify’s portfolio that hasn’t felt Natasha’s impact. Recruiting and building a talent function are arguably a founder’s most important jobs, and the companies that work with Natasha automatically get a leg up on both. We constantly joke that Natasha is the member of our team with the highest NPS from Amplify founders, but in reality, we’re not joking at all. Her outrageously positive attitude, no-BS approach, and ability to teach her craft to founders consistently earn her accolades from everyone she works with.  

People in the venture industry often talk about “the future of the firm.”  Well, Sarah, Renee, and Natasha aren’t the future of Amplify, they’re the present, and we could not be happier to call them our Partners.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah, Renee and Natasha on their outstanding accomplishments!