Technical Recruiting
3 Key Recruiting Metrics To Track

By Natasha Katoni

In the latest episode of the Technical Recruiting Playbooks, Natasha Katoni, the Head of Talent at Amplify Partners, teaches you how to track and interpret these metrics so that your team is consistently involved in the highest leverage recruiting activities. The theme of this episode emphasizes investing in a lightweight data strategy upfront and getting dividends down the line. Tracking recruiting metrics at the very beginning and end of funnels allows you to identify if you are effectively attracting, interviewing, and closing the right candidates.

Episode Notes

In the podcast, Natasha gives tips and tricks on recruiting and retaining top talent. She points out three recruiting metrics to look for at the top and end of the recruitment funnel.

  1. Outreach to interested ratio – the number of people you reach out to versus the number who want to engage with you for an interview (or exploratory phone call)
  2. Onsite to offer ratio – The number of people you bring onsite/ through the entire interview process versus how many get offers
  3. Offer to close ratio – The number of offers you give that are accepted

Ideally, these ratios are as high as possible to indicate strong engagement in the market (1), the fact that you’re bringing the right candidates through the process and you want to hire them (2), and that you’re able to effectively close and hire candidates you are interested in (3).

Topics For Discussion

  • How to engage and retain top talent? (0:16)
  • Recruiting metrics to use to ensure an efficient recruitment process (1:40)
  • What should be your target onsite to offer ratio? (5:31)
  • Should your target onsite to offer ratio be 100%? (6:18)
  • Moving from lower to higher close rate (8:03)

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