Welcoming mabl to the Amplify family

By Sunil Dhaliwal

The Amplify Partners team is very excited to take the wraps off our most recent investment! Today we are happy to announce our participation in a $10 million Series A investment for mabl alongside our good friends at CRV.

mabl is a new company intent on reimagining how functional software testing is performed. mabl has a product vision rooted in customer pain, a market opportunity that has been underserved for decades, and most importantly, a can’t-miss founding team.

Our excitement about mabl begins with the founders. I’ve known Izzy Azeri for over a decade and got to know Dan Belcher through his work at Stackdriver, the company he and Izzy founded, built and sold to Google. However, it wasn’t until my good friend Murat Bicer of CRV reconnected me with Izzy and Dan to talk about their new project that I began to truly appreciate their strength as a founding duo.

When we originally discussed their vision for what was then called “Project Longreen” I was left with one impression above all else: Dan and Izzy are obsessively focused on their user. Rather than thinking abstractly about the company they wanted to build, or the funding they might raise, they were consumed with understanding users’ problems and defining a solution that could transform how functional testing was performed. After spending an exhaustive amount of time with developers and testers, and drawing on their own experience running a software company, they established a handful of ground truths about the state of testing:

• Building and maintaining test automation is incredibly complex and expensive

• Selenium and other legacy tools are too brittle to deliver on potential of test automation

• Testing must be fast and continuous in the world of modern CI/CD

• Machine learning could dramatically alter the equation for building an intelligent software testing system

Beyond a stellar team, an obsessive user focus, and a clear vision of the problem statement, mabl is bringing some amazing technology to bear. An intuitive user experience, powerful automation, and the intelligent application of machine learning now work together to transform one of the worst parts of a software team’s job into one of the simplest.

If you are a software developer or tester, and you’d like to see how much better functional testing could be for you and your team, I’d encourage you to try mabl. Otherwise, please keep an eye out of more great news from this amazing company, and join me in welcoming the entire mabl team into the Amplify family!