Technical Recruiting
How to Pick and Work with an External Recruiter or Search Firm

By Natasha Katoni

Working with external recruiters or search firms to bolster your efforts in hiring can be a useful scaling tool. The right time to bring in external help is when you’re looking to hire a VP or Director level candidate and you need to capitalize on a search firm’s already built out network for a specific position, or when you are filling IC/ evergreen roles but you don’t have the internal resources to fully support your hiring efforts.

In the latest episode of Technical Recruiting Playbooks, Natasha Katoni addresses how you can pick and work with an external recruiter or search firm. She emphasizes that a successful partnership with an external firm includes strong calibration practices, reasonable expectations on the part of the hiring team, a smart payment structure, and previous success that allows you to feel confident in the firm’s abilities.

Topics For Discussion

  • Need for an external recruiter or search firm (1:00)
  • How to make the best out of an external headhunter (3:54)
  • Evaluating an external recruiter (5:43)
  • Strategies for negotiation with external recruiters (8:22)
  • Different payment methods for external recruiters (9:35)

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