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Datadog – Thank You and Congratulations

By Sunil Dhaliwal and Lenny Pruss

Congratulations to the Datadog team on your public debut today, it’s an incredible milestone.

We stand in awe of the company you’ve built so far. From the earliest days of the project, to your initial seed round and every financing and milestone since, your perseverance and execution have laid the foundation for a category-defining business.

We’re incredibly proud of you. But beyond being proud of your success, we are extremely grateful for our relationship with you and for the unique place Datadog occupies in the history of our firm. Here are two of the many reasons why Datadog is so meaningful to us:

We found a great community – and each other!

The earliest days of Datadog remain fixed in our minds with a fantastic group of co-investors. People like Murat Bicer, Michael Callahan, Brad Gillespie, Matt Gorin, Owen Davis, and a number of angel investors, all took the big early-stage risk and contributed meaningfully to the company over the years. Their roles in your story may not be widely recognized, but those of us that were there early on remember.

It was working together as Datadog co-investors is also how the two of us originally met. When the opportunity came for us to join forces at Amplify, it was our shared experience around Datadog that made us so confident in the relationship. So, thanks a million for the setup that ultimately brought us together as partners!

You helped us define our point of view on both markets and people.

Our investment in Datadog was a foundational piece of Amplify’s origin story. Together with other investments in Chef and Fastly for Sunil, and HashiCorp for Lenny, we quickly came to appreciate how the early growth of cloud infrastructure combined with the emerging DevOps movement could create an entirely new category of enterprise infrastructure companies. The learnings from watching you quietly lead that generation of startups has been central to our investment thesis ever since.

More importantly, watching your founding team develop from visionary technologists into amazing executives inspired us to take plenty of chances backing the next generation of technical founders who came after you. If ever there was proof that technologists can scale and run meaningful companies, your founders are living proof.

Olivier, Alexis, Amit, and the entire Datadog team, congratulations! Thank you for including us on your journey, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!

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