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Amplify Select Fund: $100M Expansion

Mike Dauber, Sunil Dhaliwal, Lenny Pruss

Today we are excited to announce the expansion of the Amplify Select Fund. We originally raised $100M for the Select Fund in 2020 to create a dedicated pool of expansion capital for our most promising portfolio companies as they reached the growth stage. Given the strength of the opportunities we see in our portfolio and the overwhelming response from our entrepreneurs and our LPs, we’ve raised an additional $100M for the Select Fund, bringing its total size to $200M.  The expanded fund size allows us to double-down on supporting our portfolio as they scale beyond the early stages and through to the public markets.

The Amplify Select Fund will continue to make sizable growth investments in existing Amplify portfolio companies and will be invested alongside Amplify Partners IV, our $275M flagship early-stage fund. Our core investment thesis for both funds remains unchanged — enabling the digital transformation being driven by the explosive growth of cloud infrastructure, developer tools, AI, data science, and cybersecurity.

As the venture capital industry bifurcates between a handful of ever-growing megafunds and a crowd of seed funds & solo capitalists, we feel that Amplify’s strategy stands out by giving founders a domain expert investor with both the resources and focus to make a meaningful contribution to the trajectory at the early-stage, that also has the deep pockets to help them scale for years to come.

As always, we are deeply grateful to our Limited Partners. We appreciate your continuing trust in our team and our vision. In addition, we are perpetually grateful for founders who’ve embraced Amplify as partners on their journey.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome three new Amplify team members. Each of these new hires helps advance Amplify’s mission of surrounding our founders with deep, market-specific expertise that builds winning companies.

Tim Babcock: Tim helps build companies that scale. He is a world-class go-to-market leader with years of experience building and leading sales teams at data companies like Domino Data Lab and Platfora. As a Venture Partner, Tim helps our founders define their go-to-market motion, recruit successful sales teams, and lay the groundwork for hyper-growth.

Maret Delf: Maret specializes in advising on complex legal issues. Maret joins Amplify as our General Counsel where she works closely with our investment team and our portfolio company founders on a range of a variety of legal matters across fundraising, operating and selling companies. Maret brings years of experience advising venture-backed companies to Amplify from her time at Cooley and Norwest.

Nate Remy: Nate is passionate about building teams, and about helping people find the best possible companies to work for. As a Talent Sourcer, he works with founders and early-stage hiring managers to discover, engage, and hire undiscovered talent. With experience as a technical recruiter at Segment, Nate brings a record of success and a unique understanding of hiring for technical companies to Amplify.

We’re proud that the industry’s most talented, driven, and passionate operators continue to choose Amplify as the place to build their careers. We could not be more excited to welcome Tim, Maret and Nate to the team and cannot wait for our founders to see the impact they can make!

This is just a small taste of the great stuff happening at Amplify. Thanks for reading, and please watch this space for more good news yet to come!