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On Joining Amplify

Grace Ge

Amplify is meant for rule breakers. Daring outcasts. Truthseekers. It’s for bold dreamers who defy the odds and for those who refuse to fit into neat boxes (nor want to). Amplify is an outcast’s dream. 

My personal journey with the Amplify team started almost a decade ago when the early seeds of life long relationships were sowed. Sarah Catanzaro was unlike any investor I had ever met. A rarity - super technical, highly intelligent, and beautiful. A woman who refuses to be a wallflower in a man’s world. A woman who lifts up other women.. A true badass.

And the others are equally wonderful. Lenny and I started our careers at the same venture firm. Mike is a fearless ringleader and true mentor.

Amplify was the first team who emboldened me to own who I am, rather than play the game. They taught me to lean into my uniqueness, rather than shy away from my differences. Their only request for me? To push the boundaries, experiment, and go where no other investor dared to venture. 

Because of that, it has always been my dream to work with them. Joining Amplify as the newest partner is a dream upon a dream. They rarely add to the team, so it is a great honor. I’m so proud to join this gang of edgy misfits and daring outcasts.

With Amplify, I’ll continue my long history in investing in AI (Pinecone, Truera, Lindy), developer tooling (Orb, Julia, Edge Delta), infrastructure (Relational), data (Eppo), and modern SaaS applications (Vivun, Matik, Vareto). If Amplify sounds like the right place for you - please reach out. Be warned: Amplify is only for the daring. I promise it will be unlike any firm or team you will encounter :).

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