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We're running a survey about AI engineering

Barr Yaron

TL;DR: we're running a survey about AI Engineering and we'd love to have you participate.

Powerful foundation models are now available at our fingertips through APIs and open source models, and this once in a generation shift is fueling the rise of the AI Engineer. But there are so many open questions in this new world– what models are AI Engineers using internally, and how are they personalizing those models? What are the tools and libraries that AI Engineers love most? What are the biggest challenges and considerations in deploying production ML?  How do AI Engineers evaluate their model/system for accuracy and quality? Where do AI Engineers keep up-to-date with the newest information in a fast-moving space? 

This is the inaugural survey on the state of AI Engineering. The goal is to bring more data and transparency to the AI Engineering space across companies. In a few weeks, we will share results (aggregated and anonymized) and trends over time. We will post them online and present preliminary results at the AI Engineer Summit.

We’re also raffling off four $100 Amazon gift cards, and responding gets you an entry. Thank you for making the industry more transparent by sharing your experience!

Check out the survey here.

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