Investment Strategy

We invest early. We back technical founders. We invest in markets where we have uncommon expertise.

A Passion for Disruptive Change

We invest in two trends that are reshaping the technology landscape:

These trends underpin everything we do and are the reason we exist. We exclusively back entrepreneurs who are passionate about disrupting these massive markets.

It Starts with Engineers

The only thing we love more than great technologies are great technologists. We are looking for brilliant engineers solving difficult problems, because ground-breaking innovation is the heart and soul of every company in our portfolio.

Maximum Progress Through Moderate Capital

We back founders who make the most of the capital they raise. While we can provide significant capital to back companies throughout their life, we believe the best round of financing is the one you never need to raise.

Let’s Do It Together

Teamwork is the core of our approach. We believe working collaboratively and aligning incentives are how startups win. While building a company is an uncertain endeavor, our entrepreneurs can always rely on our commitment to their success.

Amplify isn’t the right investor for every entrepreneur, but if you agree with our approach, let’s talk.