Investment Strategy Overview

Amplify isn’t the right investor for every entrepreneur, but if you agree with our investment approach, let’s talk…

Technical Founders - The only thing we love more than a great technology is a great technologist. Brilliant engineers who are passionate about solving difficult problems are the hearts and souls of our portfolio companies. That’s one reason we say, “More Code. Less PowerPoint.”

Maximum Progress, Moderate Capital – We cherish capital efficiency. We believe there is often an inverse relationship between the amount of funding a startup raises and its ultimate value. While we reserve adequate capital to back our companies through successive rounds, we look for founders who make the most of the capital they raise and avoid unnecessary dilution wherever possible. After all, the best round of financing is the one you never need to raise.

Go Big or Go Home - We back entrepreneurs who are passionate about disruption, not about incremental change. For us, Infrastructure 2.0 will be a wholesale reinvention of IT infrastructure. Our entrepreneurs savor that challenge and look forward to taking on industry’s largest incumbents along the way. And so do we.

Partnership – Startups are an uncertain endeavor, but our entrepreneurs should never be uncertain about our willingness to act as true partners. They should expect our capital, our time, and our irrational belief in their vision of the future. In return, we expect clear communication, honesty, and a willingness to work collaboratively to make their vision a reality. That’s why we prefer to think of our companies as our partners, not just our portfolio.

What Could Go Right? – Some of the teams we back will change the world. Others will not. That risk is part of investing in early-stage companies. We prefer entrepreneurs who consider those risks, but don’t dwell on them unnecessarily. Because without risk there can be little reward. Which is why we prefer entrepreneurs who worry less about what could go wrong, and would rather ask, “What could go right?”