The Dirty Secret of Machine Learning

In a recent interview David Beyer talks about AI adoption challenges, who stands to benefit most from the technology, and what’s missing from the conversation. “Too many businesses now are pitching AI almost as though it’s batteries included. I think that’s dangerous because it’s going to potentially lead to over-investment in things that overpromise. Then

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Introducing the Cloud Native Landscape

Today, Amplify Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are proud to announce the Cloud Native Landscape. This project leverages the CNCF’s newly-announced reference architecture (below) to segment the stack and identify the prevailing projects, products and companies that enable organizations to build, test, deploy and scale cloud native applications. The goal, ultimately, is

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The DevOpsification of Security

In December 2009, Google was the target of a series of highly coordinated, sophisticated advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks in which state-sponsored hackers from China stole intellectual property and sought to access and potentially modify Google source code — the company’s crown jewels. Dubbed Operation Aurora, the attack proved to be a referendum at Google on the

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