Amplify Partners

Early-Stage Capital For The Next Generation Of IT Infrastructure

Amplify Partners is an early-stage venture capital fund. We back technical entrepreneurs pursuing the multi-hundred-billion dollar disruption we refer to as Infrastructure 2.0. That’s it. We don’t work with consumer internet or cleantech companies. We aren’t casual angel investors, and we certainly aren’t a growth equity firm.

We know that entrepreneurs value the effort and involvement of their investors as much as they value their capital.  So what we do is simple. We help talented entrepreneurs build valuable businesses by investing the right amount of capital very early in the life of their company, and then we invest something just as valuable – our absolute commitment to their success.

Only a few investors have the domain expertise to help navigate the Infrastructure 2.0 opportunity, even fewer are willing to do so at the earliest stages of a company, and even fewer still bring a deep network of talented individuals to the table who can Amplify an entrepreneur’s efforts.

And that is how we are different. We gladly back technical founders.  We invest early.  We roll up our sleeves to help – even for small investments.  We bring to bear an experienced team of investors and an all-star network of Venture Amplifiers. And we are totally committed to redefining IT infrastructure.